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ENGR 1100 Introduction to Engineering Analysis

This course provides an integrated treatment of Vector Mechanics (Statics) and Linear Algebra. It also emphasizes matrix methods for solving engineering problems. Students will be expected to learn key principles of Statics and Linear Algebra and to demonstrate skills with vector and matrix manipulations. (2019 Fall, 2022 Fall)

MANE 2710 Thermodynamics

MANE 4020/MANE 4740 Thermal and Fluids Engineering Laboratory

This laboratory course offers a culminating experimental experience in the field of thermal and fluids engineering for MANE students. This course is intended to introduce and familiarize students with a variety of thermodynamic, heat transfer, and fluid flow phenomena in the context of the operation of major pieces of equipment. Both fundamental concepts as well as practical/applied ideas will be explored. (2020 Fall, 2021 Spring, 2024 Fall)

Introduction to thermodynamic systems and interactions, including heat and work. Thermodynamic properties relevant to energy systems. Conservation of energy and the First law for closed and open systems. The Second Law and Entropy with application to common work-using and work-producing systems, including elementary power and refrigeration cycles. (2021 Fall, 2023 Fall)

MANE 6962 Electrochemical Energy Storage

Introduction to the physical and chemical fundamentals of materials for electrochemical energy storage. Topics include thermodynamics and kinetics of electrode reactions; principles of electroanalytical techniques including cyclic voltammetry, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, and galvanostatic intermittent titration; defect equilibria and transport in ion-conducting solids; and advanced material characterization techniques. It also includes applications to conventional and emerging battery technologies. (2022 Spring, 2024 Spring)

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